How the Right Trucking Company Can Help with Supply Chain Challenges

Supply chain challenges

Supply chain issues continue to be an ongoing challenge for businesses across the United States. The pandemic has caused a reduction in shipping options, numerous delays, a shortage of shipping containers, and labor shortages, all while demand continues to increase. While there are several factors causing strain on the supply chain, working with the right trucking company can help with supply chain challenges.

What is causing supply chain issues in the United States?

Supply chain issues are happening globally, not just within the U.S. While many people point to COVID as the cause for these challenges, there’s much more in play. Most certainly, the profound lack of workers caused by the pandemic exacerbated the situation. Regardless of processes in place, a lack of workers, from factories at a reduced production capacity all the way through to a lack of qualified truck drivers created a chink in the chain. However, other issues are at play as well.  There was a substantial shift in consumer buying demands, which increased exponentially with few ways to meet those demands. The fact that most manufacturers historically run at or near their maximum capacity can easily cause issues if anything goes astray.

Is there an end in sight for supply chain issues?

While some factors causing issues have started to realign, it’s going to take the entire process a while to get back to “normal.” Instead, businesses and consumers alike will have to become accustomed to a “new normal” which will include slower lead times from order to fulfillment, and limited product options. Record increases in food prices will likely continue as well. With this in mind, reputable trucking companies become a key component in assisting with supply chain challenges.

How Coldliner Services can help with supply chain challenges

Coldliner Services is well-positioned to help companies with supply chain challenges. First, we have a strong, dedicated, and well-qualified staff of truck drivers to keep our fleet moving. While driver retention is a challenge throughout the industry, we work with a devoted staff that’s capable of fulfilling all your trucking needs. We continue to optimize our trucking routes for maximum efficiency. Coldliner Services has a network of lanes offering services ranging from dry dedicated truckload to refrigerated expedited team services. We have an entire fleet ready to deploy at any time, and the know-how to choose the right equipment for the job. Coldliner Transportation Services also offers competitive shipping pricing, stronger customer communication, and greater freight tracking insights. Last, we offer supply chain consulting services and 24/7/365 support to businesses to ensure loads are moving from Point A to Point B as expected.

With an Operations and Administrative team that collectively have hundreds of years of industry experience, Coldliner Services can help businesses continue to navigate these challenging times and secure the needed transportation capacity. As a renowned asset-based freight carrier, we have all the tools and personnel to get the job done, along with the industry know-how and robust catalog of routes to ensure the most competitive pricing. Turn to Coldliner Services to help your business with supply chain challenges.