Dry Truckload

Dry Freight Logistics & Trucking

Coldliner Transportation Services is a dry freight logistics company designed to handle your full truckload or LTL freight with the utmost reliability and shipment visibility.

Logistics Consulting: Only Pay For The Transportation Services You Need

Our team is made up of experienced logistics experts who understand the industry and actually listen to your supply chain needs – instead of just sticking you with what we think is best for our bottom line. Don’t need a full truckload? Don’t get truckload pricing! Our advanced logistics management system allows us to place your freight with other LTL shipments on the same route to give you a lower price and result in no wasted movements.

FTL or LTL: Get The Best Price Possible

Coldliner was built to fill the gaps left behind by logistics companies that have failed their clients. We can pass along cost savings (and headache savings) to our customers by leveraging our robust catalog of routes and building a roster of fully-vetted drivers.

We’ve been around the block a few times, so expect easy-to-understand pricing and minimal claims every time when you call on Coldliner.

Timeliness, Integrity & Consistency: The Coldliner Transportation Services Advantage

We get it: manufacturers value transparency and consistency. Our customers want to know where their product is at any given time, and they want to make sure it is delivered on time, with no damage. And that’s what they get – time and time again.

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