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Coldliner is your go-to third party logistics expert. From experienced consulting, to cost-effective carrying, we are dedicated to securely and reliably moving your freight throughout the country. We have established a catalog of specialized shipping services and a robust directory of routes in an effort to become your one-stop supply chain solutions provider.

Those are a lot of fancy words, but what exactly do we do? Well, take a look below and see everything we have to offer!

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Temperature Controlled Truckload

Coldliner has the temperature-controlled LTL services you need when climate-control matters most and the integrity of your shipment depends on a fragile, temperature-sensitive window. To sweeten the deal, each of our carriers use an advanced freight tracking application so you can keep an eye on your shipment throughout the entire process.


Dry Truckload & LTL

Need to ship non-perishables, retail clothing/merchandise, paper products or pallets of plastic goods? No problem! We have the carrying capabilities to get your dry freight from A to B efficiently, no matter the size or weight.


LTL & Temperature Controlled LTL

Don’t need a full truckload, but still need temperature-controlled shipping? We’ve got you covered. Our advanced logistics management systems allow us to ship multiple products along similar routes for minimal wasted movements and maximum efficiency.


Intermodal Freight Transport

Need to get your freight from the plant to the rails or from the rails to the retailer? We offer domestic intermodal transportation to get the job done.


Dedicated Freight Services

Our Dedicated freight carriers are fully-vetted and completely dedicated to Coldliner! Looking to outsource your transportation services, save on overhead and minimize logistical uncertainty? We’re the partner for you.


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