Domestic Intermodal Transportation Freight Services

Coldliner offers domestic intermodal/drayage transportation services to efficiently move freight from the rails to the retailer or manufacturing plant  – and vice versa.

Intermodal Trucking: Multimodal Shipping for Lower Costs & Maximum Security

Many of our current customers opt to ship via the rails, an option that offers a greater shipping lane capacity, quicker turnaround times and lower environmental impact. However, these customers still need to get that cargo from rails to the road – and that’s where Coldliner comes in!

As a trusted intermodal freight company, we offer the missing piece between port and destination, allowing manufacturers to get the most of their intermodal shipping experience. Worried about where your freight is located? Our next-level tracking technology is designed to minimize stress by giving you a transparent look at where we exactly are in the process.

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Your Rail Freight Brokerage Experts

We maintain a close relationship with all of our heavily-vetted drivers to ensure greater reliability and consistency throughout the intermodal transportation process. Coldliner is constantly expanding its already robust catalog of routes to offer more lanes for distribution, including express and transcontinental shipping services. Beyond brokerage, we also offer expedited shipping options, freight management and consulting services.

The Coldliner Transportation Advantage

We are an asset-based service provider that was established to fit the needs of both the manufacturing and trucking industries. Because we cut our teeth as a trucking company, we firmly understand the qualities that both parties value:

  • Consistent Timeliness
  • Shipment Integrity
  • Great Communication

Throughout our tenure, we have seen where other intermodal freight brokerage companies have failed and have made it our mission to perfect the process – which means less hassle, greater transparency and, of course, a better overall bottom line. This comprehensive approach to logistics has proven to improve the lives of both our customers and our carriers.

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