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Coldliner Transportation Services offers competitive shipping pricing, stronger customer communication and greater freight tracking insights with the mission of becoming your go-to LTL and Temperature Controlled LTL Freight Carrier. Ready to see how Coldliner can help you get from A to B more efficiently?

Top-Tier Freight Tracking Technology

Coldliner uses a few incredibly sophisticated online tracking systems to give you enhanced visibility of shipments and a live look at the progress of the shipping process. Each carrier is connected to their assigned LTL shipment via the McLeod Software freight tracking app for maximum insight. You can download the app, yourself, and see where your freight is at any given time!

Consistency & Transparency: Ensuring Integrity & A Job Done Right

Each LTL and temperature controlled LTL shipment we carry will enjoy reduced claims, enhanced reliability, consistent timeliness and great communication throughout the entire process.

Asset-Based Freight Logistics

Every single one of our industry partners and carriers has been fully-vetted by our experienced logistics experts. Our dedicated drivers are dedicated to Coldliner and each of our regional/OTR carriers maintain their unwavering loyalty to the integrity of your freight. As a renowned asset-based freight carrier, we have all the tools and personnel to get the job done, along with the industry know-how and robust catalog of routes to ensure the most competitive pricing.

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