Technology That’s Enhancing the Trucking Industry Today

truck technology

Technology advancements in the trucking industry have come at a rapid pace in the last decade or so. Whether it’s technology to improve safety, efficiency, or communications, technology continues to improve circumstances for owners, drivers, and customers alike.

Electronic logging devices

An electronic logging device (ELD) is a piece of hardware used to record driving time for commercial motor vehicles. It plugs into a vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (port and captures data on the vehicle’s engine, location, speed, miles driven, and more. They’re intended to help create a safer work environment for drivers and make it easier and faster to track, manage, and share records accurately. They work with a vehicle engine to automatically record driving time for easier, more accurate hours of service (HOS) recording. These ELDs have greatly improved driver safety by keeping drive time in a safe range.

Dynamic routing tools

Dynamic routing tools come with GPS tracking capabilities that will allow you to see where a company’s drivers are in real-time. With dynamic routing software, planning even the most complex routes will be a breeze as advanced route planners, with dynamic routing capability, help create accurate and optimized routes, saving time, money, and headaches for both companies and their customers. 

Load tracking technology

Load Tracking software helps trucking companies increase their load visibility, reduce the number of check-in calls, and increase operational efficiency. This results in not only better visibility for trucking companies but for their customers as well. Overall operational efficiencies enhance the ability of trucking companies to deliver on time and on budget.

Collision mitigation

Collision mitigation software is becoming more standard in many vehicles on the road, but it’s especially important to truck drivers who put in long hours that can lead to road fatigue. The collision mitigation systems alert drivers and take action automatically if drivers don’t.

Supply chain visibility

Many shippers lose visibility of their freight as soon as trucks leave their docks. Supply chain visibility (SCV) is the ability to track individual components, sub-assemblies, and final products as they travel from supplier to manufacturer to consumer. As trucking raw materials to final products are common for most transportation companies, having this kind of visibility lends itself to avoiding bottlenecks and delays. This allows transportation companies to set better expectations for deliveries from point A to point B.

Technology is revolutionizing how trucking companies deliver their transportation services. Trucking companies are always finding ways to speed up operations without sacrificing quality and safety. With the introduction of new transportation technologies such as those discussed above, the delivery of goods from point A to point B will continue to be changed for the better in years to come. The results of these technologies are saved time, money, and enhanced safety for truck drivers. Companies like Coldliner Services continually invest in enhanced technologies to accomplish these goals and provide a superior level of customer service to customers and our valued drivers alike. We have been a Premier Carrier for FourKites for several Quarters consecutively. Our trusted industry partners, including McLeod Software, Carrier 411, FourKites, and MacroPoint, work with us to provide the tools and visibility needed to continue enhancing our services.